Restaurant BBQ pleased to present to you the following:

The establishment of foreign Alhda all equipment (service concerts, events and conferences)

Receiving guests whatever the numbers, and includes a number of BBQ restaurant hall is :

 A - small hall is suitable for the reception of the families of 30 Items     

B - and the large hall suitable for the reception of 200 people    


C - garden suitable for the reception of 30 Items    

Processing of different menus and variety to satisfy all tastes and ages -

To provide all kinds of dishes :

(Grill - tagines - Soups - Meals Eastern - Seafood - international cuisine - sandwiches - pasta corner - corner Albetz - all kinds of appetizers)

Alobn buffet forms and different varieties -

We also have a buffet children in various forms for birthdays -

The restaurant also has a section dedicated and a big name in the world of sweets and maize Western and Eastern Bladaffh to the finest bakery and pastry is the Ibom -

And we have different menus and a variety of banks, companies, universities, factories, and recreational clubs and associations discounted

Aziz has the honor of our guest management barbeque restaurants that invite you to visit our restaurant, where fun and a real sense of luxury, added to our pride to serve you through the team coach on the latest methods and systems, hotel and how to work on customer convenience, to become pioneers in the world of hospitality

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